Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Absent Minded Bride To Be

If you have read about me, you know that I am engaged.  I am in the "planning" process......which has left my mind a bit scattered.  My fiance & I have come across a few bumps in the road, but things are finally getting back on track.  We are getting married at the beach at the end of this summer, on our vacation.  We have just a few friends & some family members joining us.  But then we are coming home to have a big PARTY! 

I actually get to plan 2 parties & I love every minute of it !

I've shared some of my decorating ideas that I have been tossing around.  I am trying to incorporate my decor for both the ceremony at the beach & the reception party back home.  I am a part-time Party Lite consultant and have a large collection of product....as do my great customers (my friends).  I have also used various Mason jars & other jars I have accumulated. I love the beach & have been collection shells since I was a teenager. I dream of living at the beach......one day! 

Hope you enjoy & get inspired for 
Summer to finally rear 
it's lovely face !

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