Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Girls Weekend...Sometimes it's just necessary!

This past weekend, my friends & I went away for my
Bachelorette party 

 Some "Brides to be" are excited about 
getting all dressed up,
going out dancing, 
wearing a tacky veil 
& having strangers suck candy off their shirt.  
NOT this Bride!
Being in my mid-thirties (ouch.....that hurt a little), 
I am just too old for the 
"Traditional Bachelorette Party"  
I have been with my fiance for 13 years, 
my so called "freedom" has been long gone 
& I am just fine with that.  

We rented an awesome log house in the woods, 
in Maryland and had a very relaxing 
Labor Day Weekend. 

Thankfully we saw no bears.

One of my good friends from High School is a 
Pure Romance consultant.
She did a demo & that was a great time!
I highly suggest it for a Bachelorette Party.
Nothing like starting off the night with some naughty things. 
Plus it definitely helps lighten the mood.
I'd rather check out things to spice it up in the bedroom, than be grind-ed on by some stranger in a banana hammock 
& tube socks...but that's just me!

The guys from Magic Mike were the only strippers we needed!
It played continuously on the TV in the game room, lol

We had a "feast" the guys would've been jealous of...
Pulled Beef
Candied Keilbasa
Pasta Salad
3 Bean Salad
Cheesy Potatoes w/Bacon
Fruit Salad
Beer Bread w/dips
Guacamole & chips
S'mores Cupcakes
"Stripper" Cake...hee hee

I had the party I wanted.
We reminisced about our wild days in our 20's, 
discussed our grown-up relationships & 
had a great time without having to worry about
changing diapers, making dinner & cleaning the house.  

I'd say it's exactly what everyone needed!