Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Fall has arrived!

Where did the summer go?  
I feel like once July got here, I blinked my eyes & it was back to school & pumpkins.  

This is the first year that I actually decorated for Fall on the first day of Fall! The weather made it easy. Here in the 'Burgh the weather has felt like fall most of the summer. My son wanted to help me we had our own DIY party!

These are 2 pieces of Party Lite's retired Apothecary line.  
I love the short wide one! 

Now it' time to figure out what my little guy is going to be for Halloween.  This year he decided he wanted to be an Angry Bird. I was extremely glad when he decided he didn't want to be "Lightning McQueen" again!  I made his Lightning McQueen costume last year.  It was a bit challenging & took a little time.  But the look on his face was totally worth every minute.  I will have to post my creation next week.

Here's a little preview of my lil McQueen
He was tired of pictures & just really wanted to go get some candy!

One of my favorite parts about the fall/winter is the beers.  
*Note to self - Not the best time to be pregnant!  
6 years ago I worked at a bar with a large beer selection, which helped develop my palate for craft beers.  One of my absolute favorite beers is Southern Tier Pumking.  When I worked at the bar, no one else knew about it.  And now that is all everyone talks about on Facebook, lol.  Glad everyone else discovered it!

Another part of fall I love, Leaves!  I am not a huge fan of raking them. There never seems to be an end to them.  But I cannot resist to jump into a pile of leaves!  

Winter will be here before we know it.  
So take the time to enjoy fall & play in the leaves!