Thursday, November 7, 2013

Ha! I'm a Mrs....

Well, my big day has came & went.  
I married my best friend & had an awesome wedding!  
But with most great things, 
it didn't come without it's obstacles. 
That is when you realize just how awesome 
the people in your life truly are!

We were on a budget, a quite tight one.  
We knew what was important to us &
we were fine without the rest.  
My motto has been that through it all, 
s long as we were married on the beach, 
that was all I really cared about.  

Everyone & everything was second next to marrying my honey!  

There were people that wanted to be there, 
but things happen & situations are just that. 
We definitely had a great party with everyone 
once we got that for another day!

Most things all fell into place exactly where needed.  
We have amazing family & friends 
who would do anything for us.  
To see everyone at our wedding, 
all pulling together & getting things done.  
All of them making sure our ( day 
was everything we wanted 
really made me realize how truly loved we are.  

OUR family, the blood , the chosen & the "new", 
gave us the best gift of all, being there to support us.  
With out them, my vision would have never been seen.