Monday, February 20, 2017

Checked that 40+ box

I've been 40 for less than 2 weeks.  Do I feel different?  Maybe a little, but in a good way.

I had an amazing Birthday week!  Even though I DO have to share it with my son, his is the day before mine.  We had a quick snow storm which ended in a snow day.  Watching my kiddo sled ride was great, but I learned he is not good at sharing our Birthday week, lol.

A group of my friends & family went out Saturday night. You know you are old when you have to drive to another county just to listen to music you WANT to hear!  Started our evening at that place with those sammiches with fries & coleslaw. Then we went to a casino with a "club" in the middle.  They played music from my 20's & I was in heaven!  I had a lot of special guests that surprised me.  I felt extremely blessed.  Some people I haven't seen in a long time.

This made me start to think about turning 40 & my friendships.  Over the years some have been strained, I have become closer with people that I wasn't expecting & some I haven't skipped a beat with.  Hopefully some of those strained friendships can be repaired.  Life happens & everyone goes through different things. We just need to learn how to be there for each other!

And today as I made my "To Do" list for the week, I made sure that planning our Girls Weekend 2017 was at the top of my list. We all need a break from real life & lucky for me, I get to plan it!

Time to enjoy the day....right after some Pilates!

Friday, January 13, 2017

The Big 40......$h!t Just Got Real.

2017 is here, the year I turn 40.  Who the hell let that happen???  Sorry for the cussing, but SERIOUSLY???  I can still remember the year my MOM turned 40, the same year I turned 21.  That is a story for another day.  Hee, hee.

My best friend & I have been making plans for this year since our 30th Birthdays.  We went through it all the last 10 years.  From divorce to weddings & from babies to graduations, we have definitely done some growing in our 30's. Our life lessons may have been very different, but we survived & are both in happy places.  I  married an amazing man who has let me quit my job & raise our soon to be 6 year old son. And my BF is re-married to a man she has been crushing on for 20+ years & between them they have quite a few kids & even grand-babies.  Their family has so much love & many years of memories.  We feel very lucky!

Yesterday was a real kick start to my 40's. Started out with a 3 hour drive around a 10 mile radius looking for houses.  Talk about "Shit getting real"!!!  (Sorry again.  It's one of those days.)  We did manage to look at one we liked.  A few things I'd change, but it would be ours!  After renting since I moved out of my parents, I am looking forward to having our own house.

Later on I went to pick out eye glasses. After wearing the same super glued glasses for the last 10 years, I finally got some super cute ones.  And from the sounds of it, I got one heck of a deal!  I was choosing those glasses like I would never get another pair in my life.  Kinda how I was feeling while looking at houses.  Ugh....adulting!

Each new decade that creeps up on us, Charity (my BF) and I try to come up with sort of a "motto" for the next 10 years. Our 30's we didn't care about keeping quiet. Yeah...that ended in some estranged friendships, but who knows what our 40's shall bring.  I am hopeful!

I think that in my 40's I will try to relax & not let the little things get to me.  With all the sadness in the world right now, I need to care more about my life & those in it.  I need to stop letting the little things get to me. Like my  next door neighbors who keep messing up the grass in front of my apartment building with their cars. Or the idiot riding my bumper because they are obviously in a hurry. Or me not blogging because I don't have any cool recipes or something I crafted to share.

I think my 40's motto shall be "Who Cares"  Oddly enough that is also a band my dad & his buddies made up in the teens.  And yes, they still jam out to some Classic Rock in my dad's basement, lol.

So no New Years Resolutions for me.  I am going to just try to be a better, calmer ME in my 40's.