Sunday, June 1, 2014

Home Sweet Home

It's always nice to be home.  I LOVE my in-laws house & being up there.  But there is nothing like being in your own home.  For me, I greatly miss my computer.  My 3 year old couldn't wait to get home to play his Cars game.  Needless to say, we are both happy campers!

We had a nice break in the country.  My husband was working hard at landscaping the back yard for a surprise Anniversary party for his parents this September...shhhhh.
(Good thing I know they don't ever read my blog. Who am I kidding, they probably have no idea I even have it, lol.)

Here is a little preview of his work.

While my honey was showing that back yard who was boss, I relaxed.  I got to catch up on my recipe reading & did lots of cooking. My hubby's parents have the best kitchen!  I LOVE to cook when I am there. My MIL knows this. When ever I am coming up, she buys groceries for me to cook.

This weeks menu included the MIL's picks, lasagna, ribs & vegetable pizza.  I was thrilled to make lasagna.  We have been talking about me making it for months, since I was staying up there helping with my FIL.  I decided that some pasta salad was the perfect quick side for the ribs. I was floored when they had never had pasta salad the way I make it. I think they liked it though!

Cooking while I am there gives me something to do & it gives someone else a break. Plus it's fun for me! They have all the fun gadgets to make cooking & baking a little easier.

Like this little helper. An actual Lasagna Pan.
At first, I thought, I don't need one of these. 
After using it I am a believer....I NEED one!

I also made Mojitos.  
It's always a good thing when your mother in law suggests a great summer time drink! 
For the first time, I made simple syrup. 

Simple Syrup Recipe
Combine equal parts Sugar & Water (I did 1 cup of each)
Heat on Low 
Stirring often.   
Once it's all liquid, remove from heat & let it cool down.

It really is simple. I will NEVER buy it again. 
I will however, be purchasing some squeeze bottles to put it in though.  

For now I have mine in my old reliable, a Mason Jar. 
(I am obsessed with Mason Jars, BTW! 
We will save that confession for another day)

I came home from the In-Laws and made sure I bought a bottle of  Bacardi Rum for my summer time adult beverages. The big guy was on sale & I couldn't pass that up.  I love mojitos, they are so refreshing.  Looks like I need to experiment with different fruits & find a friend who is growing mint in their garden.  We can trade mint for simple syrup! 

Hope you find time this summer to enjoy a cool, refreshing Mojito!

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