Thursday, June 26, 2014

Enchilada Skillet, on the menu for lunch today

Lunch is the most consistent meal of the day around here.  My hubby works mostly nights, so I like to make sure he's eaten before he goes to feed everyone else.

On the menu for today, Enchilada Skillet!  It was super easy & even better, I had everything here at the house to make it.  The longer I stay at home, the more resourceful I have become.  No doubt, the internet has gave me great ideas.  Most of all, I am inspired by others creative cooking.

Growing up my dad was incredibly picky.  Needless to say, our dinners were not so flavorful & there wasn't much variety. My mom probably felt so free in the kitchen once they split up, lol.  But seriously, I noticed a huge difference in her chili, for instance.  Finally, she could kick it up a bit on the seasonings.

Enchilada Skillet
1 Pound Ground Beef
2 Tablespoons of Taco Seasoning
1/2 can of Red Enchilada Sauce
1/2 can of Green Chiles
1 packet of Velveeta Toppers Queso Blanco Sauce
2-3 Cups Egg Noodles

First brown the Ground Beef.  Season the meat with the Taco Seasoning.  Drain any grease from the pan.

Next stir in the Enchilada sauce, green chiles & the cheese sauce. Stir until blended.
Add the cooked egg noodles.  
I didn't measure it.  I used the rest of an opened bag.
Top with what ever feels right.
As you can see here I used crushed corn chips, taco sauce, cheese & sour cream for the hubby.
I made mine a little lighter with some crushed corn chips & salsa.

Either way you top it, it's a quick lunch time meal that took less than a half an hour to whip up.  I wanted to make sure I shared this since the weekend is almost here.  It would be a quick meal before or after the pool. Enjoy!

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