Sunday, May 25, 2014

I love weddings

Party planning is my passion.  I always seem to be planning some kind of party or helping with one. My most recent project was helping my "sister from another mister" plan her wedding.

My 2 best friends are sisters.  Their youngest sister tied the knot in a "Destination Wedding" here it Pittsburgh. Having had my own wedding away, I tried to help her make the wedding as painless as possible.

The theme of the wedding was "Travel".
Each table had a theme of places 
they have been together & their home towns.
Los Angeles
Las Vegas
San Diego
Wine Country

We did floral centerpieces & the tables had "hints" of each destination on the table. I used artificial flowers to do the centerpieces, hoping she wouldn't be able to tell.  Obviously the shredded paper was a dead giveaway, but there weren't any on the head table. She had no idea they were artificial until she picked it up.  
Operation "Fake Flowers" was a success!
I got the flowers from Garden Ridge.  Why I never stepped foot in that store until now is beyond me.  I always thought it was like Home Depot or Lowes.  Boy was I wrong!  I was pleasantly surprised at all of the beautiful things they had.  Their flower selection was great. They had flowers for any budget.

It's been fun & a bit challenging.  
The Bride gave suggestions & I went with it.
She was so excited when I told her I wasn't telling her anymore about the wedding. 
 It was great, I got to play "David Tuturo" for her.  

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas

Unfortunately, playing wedding planner did not give me time to go around & take pictures of each table theme.  The photographer gladly took pictures for me & is going to send them to me when she is done editing.  I will be sharing those & the rest of the Travel themed creations I made.

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