Wednesday, April 2, 2014

What a year so far!

A month into my "New Years Resolution"  I failed, but with good reason.  When family calls, you drop everything!

At the end of January, we found out that my Father in Law was having surgery....a big one at that.  My FIL is an Veteran & started coming to the VA hospital here in Pittsburgh.  (Not sure I ever actually said where I live.  Yep, I'm a "Yinzer")

My in-laws live about 2 hours away in the country, so us living here in the city has definitely worked out for everyone.  I have spent the last 2 months going back & forth, spending a week at a time in no man's land.  I will say that you learn a lot about yourself being away from home for so long. My most important lesson, I am NOT as big of a fan of the city as I thought I was. As I get older, I realize I enjoy the quiet much more!  It helps me think & be creative, being in the country.

Unfortunately, I was not able to blog while I was away.  My wonderful niece & nephews had given my in-laws computer a virus or two. Just more time to read & learn a few things.  In the weeks to follow, I will be sharing my newly learned recipes from my MIL and even one from my extremely picky SIL.  I also have been mastering the art of cup-less jello shots! Which were a big hit this last weekend, by the way.

I am very happy to be home & 
look forward to sharing with all of you soon!

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