Monday, January 6, 2014

Surprise Savings

I went to the grocery store on a Saturday, BIG mistake.  Being a stay-at-homer, I try to make it a point to do things during the week.  I figure, one less person in the mix on the weekend the better!  I actually enjoy going shopping.  Odd as some may find it, but I have always liked going to the store.  Now it's like a day at the spa (ok, maybe not THAT great).  Food shopping is sometimes the only time I get out alone so I try to savor the moment.  Nothing like getting a cup of coffee & seeing what is on sale that.  And bonus when I have a coupon!!!

I went to the store with my list & a wad of coupons.  I seem to buy a lot of produce.  Unfortunately not everyone in my house is obsessed with veggies, so I tend to throw out a lot. I needed mushrooms & was very excited they were 10 for $10...aka $1.  That was until I got a look at them.  Someone must have expected New Years Resolutions of consuming lots of mushrooms and over ordered.  I will admit, those sale mushrooms were probably just fine.  I cannot buy or eat foods that look bad.  A friend pokes fun at me for doing it all the time, lol.

Still needed mushrooms...wasn't buying the sale ones...then I remembered the good 'ol "Bulk" veggies.  They ones you can pick yourself & not be obligated to buy a whole container when all you need is a few.  So I threw about 6 descent sized shrooms in my bag & it was the perfect about for my hubby's delicious Puttanesca.  (We will save that recipe for another day, but here is a little preview)

Hubby's Puttanesca

Much to my surprise, I only paid $1.19 for the perfect amount of mushrooms! And the savings didn't stop there.  I needed a few cloves of garlic.  I usually just by the garlic minced in a jar. I know the flavor is so much better with fresh, but something that small being chopped or cut by me is scary. Since my husband would be doing the slicing & dicing, I figured I'd grab the fresh stuff.  Usually, I would go right for the 2 in a pack.  Why not, it's there & ready to go. But that day, something was telling me to get 1 bunch of garlic cloves. SCORE!  Paid $0.07 for it.  I couldn't believe when I got home & looked at my receipt.

So moral of the story, when trying to cut corners & shop a little smarter, buy the loose items.  It could really save you quite a bit of money.  I know this isn't brand new information, it was just my "Ah ha" ,light bulb on moment. Trying to make this year better mentally & financially so this is a start in the right direction.

Have a great week!


  1. Mel! I didn't know you blogged! Loved reading, keep it going! :)

  2. For the record, I used those this past saturday.....They were still good and no brown crap on the inside that you thought was going to be there.