Friday, January 3, 2014

New Year...New Me!

2013 had lots of ups & some downs. 
Now I am ready to start 2014 on a positive note!

I never make a big deal about resolutions.  Let's be honest, a lot of people are just setting themselves up for failure.  I like to just think of things that I want to make happen or try to do.  Whether, trying to accessorize more, try a new dish or try harder to make sure I blog once a week... I just don't want to beat myself up in a month when I didn't loose those 10 lbs or I didn't end world hunger.  I do have a few things that I do want to do

So this year I started off by starting to clear out the clutter in my "Office".  I am trying to spend more time here, so why not make it a place I really want to be.  The first thing I did was moved my desk.  I felt like I was boxed in & I think it affected my mind. My mind & I am free to move about now.  I find that keeping pictures of special times or vacation help me to be in my happy place.......Ooooooommmm

My office serves a few purposes.  I am a Party Lite consultant.  With that comes a lot of product & supplies.  I have dedicated one entire shelf unit to my Party Lite.  I did leave the top shelf for my pictures & Mason jars filled with decorations. Items get retired often, so I end up with a lot of old pieces.  I need to sell those. Hmmmm, I see another thing I can add to my 2014 "To Do" list.

I have also decided to teach myself how to sew.  My niece decided she wanted to make her own clothes so my best friend got her a sewing machine.  Needless to say, Twy has yet to actually use it.  So I will be the new owner of a sewing machine.  My mother-in-law is quite the avid sewer & she does some great things.  One of my favorites is her place mats.  She makes them for ever occasion AND they are double sided! I want her to teach me how to make them. I tell her all the time that she could sell them at craft shows.  I also really want to make cute aprons.  Something a little more stylish than your Grandmother's 50 year old apron.

My personal #1 mission is to blog at least once a week.  Having an almost 3 year old makes it a little more challenging, but I am up for it.  A lot has happened since September & I am looking forward to sharing some of my ideas & recipes.  Cheers to an AWESOME 2014!

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