Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Electronic Restrictions...for both of us

My son was over the moon when Santa brought him the Wii U he was dreaming of.  Luckily "Santa" got it used for an amazing deal.  Little did I know that he would have a total obsession with Super Mario Bros Smash Brothers.  It has opened a whole new world of Donkey Kong & Pokemon that I was not prepared for.  And don't get me started on YouTube.  This kid has been looking up videos for everything.

This being said, I am guilty of being on social media on my phone entirely too much.  I can use the excuse that I am using it for promoting my Party Lite business or sharing pictures of wreaths & bouquets that I made.  Or maybe even looking for a recipe for dinner. But we all know that I am just scrolling down looking at nonsense that people are plastering all over their walls.

An old friend from High School took a hiatus from social media for Lent.  Such a good idea!  Not sure I could go cold turkey, but something she said really stuck with me.  She felt like she was being a bad influence on her niece with her phone always in her hand.  It mad me think about all the times I have been just sitting on my phone when I could be being present with the people around me.  I also thought about the fact that we know far more about people than we need to.  It's great to see pictures of folks & how they and their families have grown.  But fights & personal business need to stay between the people it involves.

In the next few months I am going to make an effort to cut our time on electronics.

For me, less time on Social Media & more blogging.  And for my son, we will be cutting his time on video games & YouTube videos.  This means more crafts & books. Luckily my son loves crafting as much as his momma.  I try to have craft time at least once a week.  For Christmas I stocked him up with paints, wooden sticks, paper, glue.
All the essentials for a good craft.

Summer is just around the corner.  
We are going to make a little bucket list of all the adventures we will go on.  
I am looking forward to it!

Enjoy your day!

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