Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Silence is Golden & Seafood is Delicious

Shhhhhh.....hear that?  
NOPE me neither!

It's been three years since my kiddo has had a nap on the regular.  Let's just say, it's been a long 3 years.  Since starting pre-school 3 days a week for a few hours, they seem to be happening a bit more.  Some weeks its 1 day, some it's 3 days.  I will take what I can get.  Today was an early day so somehow I convinced him to lay down on the air mattress while I enjoy some computer time.  It took about 2 songs in & he was out!

So instead of folding the towels I just brought up from the dryer, I will take a few minutes to myself & write. I am sitting here  listening to Imogen Heap radio on Pandora with the soft, soothing voices, dreaming of the beach.
Ahhhh, I am in my happy place.

Back to the my reality...
The day after my 39th Birthday (that was hard to type, lol) the Lenten Season began.  My hubby & I have been trying to make better eating choices. Personally, I cannot eat chicken & veggies EVERY day.  Seafood & fish seem to be a happy medium  My husband works in the Strip District of Pittsburgh & is a block away from an awesome fish market called Wholey's.  It's something to see, let me tell ya.  Lots of whole fish looking at ya,  live lobsters and fish & lots of other seafood.  Plus a whole meat department.  A foodies heaven!  If you are ever in Pittsburgh, you gotta check it out.

For Ash Wednesday, 
We had Cajun Seafood Alfredo with shrimp & crab meat 
(Don't tell anyone, it was the imitation stuff & still yummy)

This past Friday was the first Friday of Lent & we were pretty boring.  Cheese pizza from Costco.  Delicious, but boring & not the best thing when trying to watch what you eat.  

Now Valentines Day was a different story!  We had some great blackened Salmon I grabbed from Costco.  We had already had steak for dinner that week so more fish it was & I wasn't mad at all. I thought I took a picture but I didn't.   Apparently I was too hungry to Instagram my food for once. 

              My husbands taco                           My taco

That was not the case on Monday!  
We had salmon that we hadn't cooked yet & some thawed out shrimp so tacos seemed perfect. 
I stocked up on veggies that weekend & planned on making some pineapple salsa. (I will share that recipe next time. It's amazing!) Unfortunately the pineapple needed another day so I made some homemade pico de gallo.  I don't know about you, but I would much rather have fresh anything!

And today's lunch was brought to me by left over shrimp. 
This Shrimp Caesar Salad was unexpectedly awesome!

Now that I have bored you long enough with my food intake, 
time to get back to those towels that aren't gonna fold themselves.

Remember to give seafood a try this Lenten Season
Enjoy the day!

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