Saturday, October 4, 2014

My Burlap Obsession

Ever since my wedding last September, I have a growing obsession for burlap.

Every time I go to a craft store, I look for it on sale.  Burlap can be a bit pricey at times, so any deal I can find I make sure I grab it up!  And I am not picky about the color.  I am more drawn to the light brown burlap, but any color will do.

My wedding was beach themed & burlap fit in quite well!
 My sister, the thriftiest shopper I know, found some great colored burlap for my shower centerpieces.

They were so cute

  We ended up using them for the wedding reception too!

Please don't mind my "before" the party picutres. 
Somehow we didn't get too many pictures from our reception party.

And these were our favor
They were filled with salt water taffy from the beach
I bought them from a shipping supply company called Uline.
I got 200 bags for $70, such an amazing deal!

I had quite a bit left over so I decided that 
I can re-use them for party of my friends wedding.

I took the seams out of the bags and cut the "P" off.
Then I painted on the blank side
and created a cute banner for their card box.

I totally love how this turned out!

My love of burlap showed a bit more in the planning & creating of the Thomas Wedding. 
I covered 2 bulletin boards for the seating/name chart.  
Til this day, mine is still covered & I actually just re-used it for a collage for an Anniversary party we threw for my In-Laws.  It's amazing how some burlap & thumbtacks can make a regular old cork board really stand out!

So next time your are out at the craft store, check out the clearance.  
You never know what great little treasure of burlap you can find!

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